Persecuted Church, Reblogged

You’re Doomed. We’re Busy.



Go ahead: You tell him just to be brave when ISIS returns.

We call it persecution when Macy’s bids us “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas!”  In places like Iraq and Syria, persecution is what happens when masked terrorists arrive with machine guns to burn your village, crucify the men, rape the women and kidnap the children.

The saints in Muslim lands don’t begrudge us our freedom or even our prosperity. But they must occasionally wonder why we are deeply offended when a famous actor in Hollywood is snubbed by the Oscars, but hardly notice when Christian brothers and sisters are burned and decapitated in Syria.

Here are ways you can get involved and show you care:

1: PUSH. Pray for saints in Muslim lands as you’d pray for your own son or sister in similar circumstances.  Pray for divine intervention that God would be glorified; pray for boldness…

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