Written for Christian Flash Weekly

“Lord, this spring, harvest is plenty, but the workers are few!! Please send someone to harvest Prayerhere. Start a church! Spread your glory around this community! I really wish I could, but I don’t think I could take the time from work.”

“Lord, let your light shine through the darkness! I will continue to pray until you do, Lord! I know you are capable of anything and everything!! Let your light pierce the fog! Bring people to you, Lord!! Change the world! Please, send someone to save this sleepy little community this summer while my wife and I go to Hawaii.”

“There wasn’t an answer to my prayers last month, Lord. But surely you will answer me this glorious month of July!! What better time to spread your Word? Let your light be a light, shining out through the dark!! Lord, take this town by surprise and let everyone know your name!! Work is really backed up right now, but I know you’ll send someone.”

“Kids are starting to go back to school, Lord. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Gideons would come and give them all a Bible to read in school? What a wonderful thing that would be to see all those children sitting at their lunch tables reading your Word. Send someone, Lord! I honestly don’t have the guts to, Lord. It takes someone special. I know you’ll send him!!”

“You are the light of the world, Lord!! You can pierce through this snowstorm and reach people. Send someone to help Mrs. Tacket with her driveway. Maybe they could also lead her to You! Lord, you are big enough to do anything!! Boy, this hot chocolate is good!! I know you’ll send some little boy who needs a grandma over to her and help her.”

“The doctors say I’m dying, Lord. Protect my little town and let your light shine throughout it. Bring someone to change it for you and to make this the godliest community in all of the US. Send someone special, Lord.”

“I did,” the Lord whispered in his heart. “I sent you.”

The heart monitor let out one last long beep and nurses came running.

But it was too late. He was dead.

Judge’s comments (Alissa Leonard) thoughts on my story:

Prayers by Daleenc

Such a great reminder! I love that your story hinged on my favorite part of the verse: such goals, but no follow through. I’m glad you gave me a reason. I was wanting to read a story of why they didn’t ‘attack at noon’ and you didn’t disappoint. We know that God is almighty and he answers prayer, but he also calls us to be his hands and feet. Thanks.

The winner for this week’s contest was Whitney!! Be sure to check her story out here.

Comments on her story:

Playing with Fire by Whitney L. Schwartz

And here is my hope. Here is the possibility of repentance. Here is Jeremiah pleading with the Israelites day after day, telling them they would be destroyed, assuring them it would happen, but another day dawned without destruction. They could have turned from their sin and walked away. They had every opportunity. They could have remembered God’s words and lived. They didn’t, but they could have. This is the reason the armies didn’t attack at noon, and the reason God tarries even now – because he wants all to come to repentance. Loved it.

Congrats Whitney!!

To all of you who like reading and writing stories, check out my post ‘Christian Anthology‘ and tell me what you think!!

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