Dropped Egg

Written for Thursday 360

He plopped his briefcase down beside the bench and sat down beside me. Then he glanced over at me and gave a little nod and a smile.

I smiled back, ready to start a conversation and go on a date that evening with The. Cutest. Guy. Ever.

And then?Unknown

He stared.

At the sky.

Before one well-thought word was out of my mouth, he had looked up at the sky, and stared.

I blinked in surprise.

He stared.

At the sky.

What was interesting about the sky??

Oh well. Let him stare at the sky. While he does that, I’ll plan out our future.



Two boys (James and Charles) and two girls (Leota and Kira)?


House with a white picket fence?


A minute passed.

He was still staring.

Um. Ok.

German Shepherd dog that we raise from a puppy as a family?


Me, stay at home mom; he, business man with $100,000 pay check?


Definitely check that one.

Five minutes passed.

He didn’t move.

He didn’t squint.


Ich. This is really weird. Maybe he’s just dreaming up some plan for the next multimillion dollar plan.

I think I’ll upgrade the house with the white picket fence to a mansion.

With a maid.

Check. Oh, double check that one.

Maybe he’s a FBI or CIA agent tracking a guy.

Oh yikes. I don’t want to marry an agent. They travel too much.

I scoot a little farther towards the other end of the bench.

I don’t think he is, though. Anyone that cute should be a movie actor and he is The. Cutest. Guy. Ever.

James, Charles, Leota, Kira, doggies and mansions, here we come. What a perfect family we’ll be. Boy, it will be nice to have a maid…and a chandelier over the door.

Finally, he spoke. “Do you see that squirrel up there in the window? He hasn’t moved in ten minutes.” He paused. “I think he’s dead.”

My dreams fell like a dropped egg.

Whitney’s (judge) comments on my story:

Dropped Egg by Daleenc: An attractive man sits down beside a young woman on a bench and she plunges headlong into daydreams of the future they could have together while he sits staring upward the entire time. At the end of the story it is revealed that he has been staring at what he believes to be a dead squirrel in a tree and the young woman’s romantic dreams fall “like a dropped egg.” The ending is probably my favorite part because it was so funny. Thanks for the laugh, Daleen. 🙂

Grand Champion for Thursday 360 was Clueless. Congrats Mom!!!

Comments on her story:

The Bringing of the Rain by Clueless: The protagonist recalls in striking images how the rain used to roll in when they were children and how “God’s handiwork was so awesome.” But in the present, the protagonist faces the death of a child and the storm clouds are now ominous rather than beautiful. This is a vivid, touching story. Sad, but written in a captivating style. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the fun contest, Whitney!!

To all of you who like reading and writing stories, check out my post ‘Christian Anthology‘ and tell me what you think!!

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