Creations Wonders

I’m learning about weather patterns in Science right now and found this so amazing and powerful, I could not help but to think of the wondrous God who created it.

All thunderstorms start with an updraft of air, usually caused by a cold Unknowndraft moving in on a warm draft. The air rises, causing it to cool. Water condenses and releases energy (the opposite of evaporating). Energy heats up the air around it, creating an even stronger updraft. This is called the cumulus stage. This stage does not last long at all.

In less than twenty minutes, the updraft has pushed so much moist air into the troposphere (The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere and site of all-weather on Earth. Just a refresher for those out of school. 😀 ), that a cumulonimbus cloud has formed. (Cumulonimbus, from the Latin cumulus (“heap”) and nimbus (“rainstorm”, “storm  imagescloud”), is a dense towering vertical cloud. Another refresher. 😉 ) Eventually, the water droplets and/or ice crystals become too heavy for the updraft and it begins to rain. This is the mature stage of the thunderstorm and it includes thunder, lightning, heavy rain, strong winds, and sometimes hail. As the rain falls, it causes winds that blow down, hitting the ground and spreading out in strong gusts of wind. They can reach up to 170 mph, sometimes making them as dangerous and destructive as a tornado!!

In usually less than 30 minutes, the downdrafts overpower the updraftsUnknown-1 and the area contains only downdrafts. This is called the dissipation stage. The rain gets lighter and the downdrafts less powerful until the storm runs its course and the rain stops. This is a thunder cell.

Most storms have more than one cell however, causing a storm to go on for several hours.

Wow!! Is that amazing or what? I haven’t even hit the topic of lightning or thunder or tornadoes or hail or even how the rain was formed!!! (Maybe should call this blog Geeky Thoughts of a Christian Cowgirl, eh?) 🙂 Isn’t our God a powerful God to have created such a wonder and display of glory?

Rain Dance

2 thoughts on “Creations Wonders”

  1. God is truly amazing! His creation never ceases to amaze me. So many can’t understand that science and God are totally intertwined and that saddens me actually. There is so much that is missed then. Thanks for sharing this today!

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    1. Yes, He is!! It is so saddening. Evolution has taken away the amazement of the world around us, claiming that it all ‘happened by chance’. I am truly thankful for our God and His awesome wonders. 🙂

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