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Smoky Joe

Meet *drumroll* Smoky Joe!!

Smoky Joe
The fence kind of got in the way of this picture but it’s the best I’ve got!!

He is our family’s Haflinger/Quarter Horse cross. At 14.3, he is just barely a horse. (I’m glad I’m riding a ‘horse’ and not a ‘pony’. 🙂 ) He was born sometime in 2000 (he’s a grade horse and no one can seem to recall his date of birth) and we bought him in 2008. He was a Amish buggy horse, so he had plenty of experience driving, and they also rode him, bareback and bridle-less and well as with a saddle. The kids also raced him in friendly competitions…we still have to watch out for that today.

Waiting for something exciting to happen. (Sorry, another fence in the way.

Mostly, since we’ve bought him, he’s been our little cow horse. He has great cow sense and loves cutting cows out in the fields. I started training him to show last year around January 15. I got free horse lessons for my 14th birthday (My seventh summer, my Grandpa put me on a POA named Sioux and we went around the trail as he taught me how to ride and I’ve been riding since…cowboy style.) It’s taken a while but I think we’ve finally got his leads down. I started him in Western but switched to English. After that, he made much better progress with his leads since he could tell when we were focusing on that and when we were just out to get that one runaway cow. In English, I’ve found that he loves to jump and have been working on that. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of that.) I am hoping to show him this summer. 😀

So everyone, meet Smoky Joe. 🙂


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