A leader is not a leader if there are no willing followers.

Horseback Courage

I’ve arrived home from two weeks work in Africa where I opened and run an orphanage. While I must travel several times a year for work I arrange to have excellent daily care provided to our horses. Taking a step back from the barn life and my passion for all things equine, but especially the riding, gives me a new perspective. The work in Africa serves to re-balance my life in a way that refreshes my eyes, my priorities, my approach to using my time energy and talent. I get a good internal cleanse of the junk that crowds around what is true, vital and critical in life. My confidence is rekindled by this work. There’s no coincidence that I began to learn to ride at the same time we began our nonprofit to help orphans.

In the scope of life after the perspective of hardships I experience in Africa…

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