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Life of the Body

Written for Flash! Friday.

Nothing prepares you for sight of blood.Unknown

Oh you may read about it, hear about it, talk about it, even see a little from a tiny cut. It’s coursing through your body. It keeps you alive when nothing else can.

People have tried for many generations to capture the amazement of the liquid. And for many generations, have failed.

But none of that prepares you for the sight of blood.

The sight of life draining out of a person and staining the ground around them.

How is it that our body’s life can so easily be drained out?

The way it’s hard to clean up, like it doesn’t want to be forgotten.

The odd circles…patterns…showing exactly how the person died.

I stood there…staring…shovel in hand.

“Portia!!” I heard someone yell above me, probably in the seats cleaning trash.

I started turning over the sand, hiding the blood for the crowds that would come tomorrow.

To watch Betutious and Gradnimal try and kill each other.

I would have more blood to clean up.

And I will stare again…memorized…shocked.

Nothing prepares you for the sight of blood.


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