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Results for Christian Flash Weekly #41

Judge’s (Charles W. Short) comment on my story ‘The Unseen Net‘.

Daleen C. – The Unseen Net – This is a spiritual warfare story, very similar to some of Frank Peretti’s books. I thought the portrayal of the human non-cooperation was telling. I also note they were all still ready to fight despite the human failure.

Grand champion: William Goss

Judge’s comments on William’s story:

William Goss – Interface – A scifi piece depicting a future without memory of the gospel. Backstory, the extinction of earthbound humanity, is revealed in the course of the story.  The conclusion answers the questions that came up and ties up the story well.

The subtle layers I found in this piece is why I am naming William Goss as Grand Champion for his piece Interface. I recognize all of the pieces had some of these characteristics, but I feel his went above and beyond this week.

Congratulations, William.

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