Results for Christian Flash Weekly #40

Judge’s (John Mark Miller) comment on my story ‘Jesus Wept‘.

Jesus Wept – Daleen C. 

Wow – this is a well-crafted piece that is both practical and emotional.  With a word count this low most writers strive to avoid repetition, but in some cases repetition can be quite effective.  I love the way the prompt itself was woven throughout the tale, which captured this young person’s entire life in only 61 words.  And I love the strong reminder of the way each and every one of our sins increased the pain that was inflicted upon Christ on the cross – very convicting.  Well done, Daleen C.!


Grand Champion  –   Daleen C.  

Best Use of Poetic Language  –  William Goss

Best Use of Scriptural Context – Ted Knoblach 

Best Depiction of Christ’s Love  –  Charles W. Short and Faith Unlocked

Most Convicting  –  Ronovan and Deborah Crocker


Thank you, John!!!


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