When You Mix Mochas and Movies…

I had my very first mocha. And, since I am (was?) a devout coffee hater, that was a huge leap for me and friendship with coffee. I still had to pour half a cup of milk in so I didn’t taste the coffee as much but…I did it!! I drank something that had coffee in it and liked it.

Half an hour after I just got done drinking the whole cup, our family got on the topic of movies. (Insert scary music here) We had the usual ‘movies-can-be-good-movies-can-be-bad’ talk and then ended up on favorite scenes.

My favorite scene was on Fireproof. It’s the scene where Caleb and Catherine kiss at the end. Hold your laughter for a second, I’m not one for romance. I don’t remember where I read it, but I remember reading (after the movie) that Kirk Cameron refused to kiss someone who wasn’t his wife, so they made the scene hazy so that he could kiss his real wife and you think it was still Erin Bethea.


And when I read that, I was thinking along the lines of ‘this is totally incomprehensible!! There is a movie actor who DOESN’T KISS ANOTHER WOMAN EVERY OTHER DAY!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

As I enthusiastically tried to explain to my mom and sister how excited I was by the news, all I got was the raised eyebrow look and a ‘maybe you should drink anymore mochas.’

Ok, ok, maybe I was acting a little too enthusiastic about it, but for real (no, I did not have a mocha this morning!!), that made me really excited. And we haven’t seen that movie for years, but I still remember that. And I doubt I’m going to forget it.

Good movies can easily turn bad. They start out good with level-headed people and BOOM!! You have to hit the stop button and wonder how it ended as you rate it down on Netflix. (Anyone know what I’m talking about?)

Mom recently found these questions and now they’re hanging by our TV screen, making it impossible to forget them.

What is the premise of the movie?

What is it promoting?

Who is the hero?

Does the hero make sin look good?

Who is the villain?

How is religion (Christianity) portrayed?

How is the world portrayed?

How is love portrayed?

How is family portrayed?

Who is behind the camera? (Are they trying to push something you don’t want to support?)

WARNING!!! Killer question….Don’t look unless you want to have flash conviction.Fav Movies

Would you be embarrassed to watch this movie with your children, your parents, or Jesus?

That one smarts, doesn’t it??

Internet Movie Database (an awesome place) is a website that has detailed descriptions on all that goes on in movies and TV shows. Our family has made it a habit to look up new movies on it before we watch it. Check it out. 😉

Watch on, fellow movie lovers!!



2 thoughts on “When You Mix Mochas and Movies…”

  1. I love that list of questions! I think I need to print that up for our family of movie watchers. Its a good reminder for us all to use wisdom when choosing movies to watch. Thanks!

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