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Mona Lisa by Whitney L. Schwartz


Mona Lisa, by Whitney L. Schwartz, is a good rainy-afternoon book. The way she describes everything will make you feel like you are actually in Ireland, running with Mona over the hills.

The charaters are well-written and well-protrayed with real life feelings showing real skill!! You can feel Mona’s frustration, Brogan’s pain, the anger from the feud, then the forgiveness and reconciliation.

At first, it seems a bit hard to follow all the Irish jargon but once you get into the story it is much easier and helps to keep you interested!! Halfway through the book, it will be close to impossible to put Mona Lisa down.

Whitney does an excellent job describing the beauty of Ireland, showing the skill that she has. She’s also very good at weaving Christ and Scripture through it without making it sound ‘preachy’.

This book is a good book for anyone who wants an afternoon read with charming wit, beauty, a touch of romance and old feuds.


9 thoughts on “Mona Lisa by Whitney L. Schwartz”

    1. No problem. 🙂 it was a lot of fun!!

      Sorry it took so long . 😦 got caught up in Christmas and New Year’s and this was the first chance I had to sit down and write it.

      When is the next book coming out?!? 😉

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