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Ebenezer’s Christmas


Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.

Written for Flash! Friday



NAME: Santa Claus

ALIASES: St. Nicolas; St. Nick, Chris Kringle; Father Christmas; (possibly Humpty Dumpty?)

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Three and three-fourths inches tall and about 10 ounces heavy.


Dressed in overpowering red bordered by white.

Black belt with big belt buckle.

Long white beard and tall red and white hat.

Likes to say ‘Ho ho ho’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ a lot.

Carries big red bag around filled with presents.

Has reindeer that fly and a sleigh.

LAST SEEN: Susan McDonald’s house, squeezing down the chimney.

HIDEOUT: Somewhere in the North Pole.

WANTED FOR: Spreading happiness and Christmas cheer.

WANTED BY: Ebenezer Scrooge

PRICE: 16,000 pounds.


Since the reindeer fly, actions might be needed to be taken at his hideout. Locate his magic corn  and replace with normal corn. Then there will be no more escape vehicle.

Don’t worry about being on the naughty list. I’ll make it worth it.

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