Letters to God

Dear Jesus,

I have Christmas trees to set up, presents to wrap, breakfasts to be made. One of my sisters has a party tomorrow and Dad’s flying friends are coming over. I want to ride tomorrow, but my friend can’t ride until it’s already going to be my sister’s party.

I have friends coming up tomorrow as well and I’m so excited. We haven’t seen them since last Christmas…but the house is perfect. (wink) You know what I mean, right? Yep. I’ve still gotta mop the floor and no matter how many times I wash the dishes, there’s always going to be more. The sweeper broke last night and I only got one of my three carpeted floors swept.

I haven’t got a present for my best friend yet (what kind of friend am I?) and I’m still finishing my other presents. Yes, I know. I should have started on them earlier. But I couldn’t think of anything for them no matter how hard I tried until, well, two days ago. Oh, and Christmas break hasn’t come yet (it’s next week) so I’ve got homework and school too.

And I’ve still got to fix my saddle and my younger sisters want to start taking lessons from me. Smoky hasn’t learned his right lead enough for them yet. But I guess they wouldn’t be cantering yet, right?

I can’t get that F# on my guitar and still keep my fingering so I can continue with my song…more practice needed there.

Well, yeah, I need to get back to my hectic crazy life, so,




P.S. Have I forgotten anything?


P.S.S. I’m going with my friend to help her today.


P.S.S.S. Wait! Did I forget about you? How could I have forgotten about you? After all, you’re the reason for Christmas!! Without Christ in Christmas, there’d be no Christmas Day! In all of my busyness, did I forget that you are the reason we celebrate? Did I forget that we aren’t celebrating the ability to make ourselves exhausted or the presents that we get, or Santa Clause himself?

No, we’re here to celebrate you and your wondrous birth!! You came down from heaven to a sin-filled world as a baby, human yet God, to save us from our sins. You came down from heaven, knowing that you were going to die, yet you came anyways because you loved us.

You’re the reason for this season. Help us all to remember that!!


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