Simplifying Christmas: Giving as the Wise Men Did

The Artistic Christian

Wise Men Star

As families grow larger, buying Christmas gifts for everyone can become increasingly complicated – not to mention expensive! In our home, we’ve found a way to simplify Christmas and keep the story of Christ at the center of it all – including the gifts!

When Janelle and I first got married, a middle-aged woman in the church took us aside and explained the way her family always handled Christmas gifts. “It may not seem like a big deal now,” she told us, “but once you start having kids you’ll be glad you kept it simple!” Now, as a proud father of two, I’m glad she helped us get this thing started on the right foot!

Here’s the key to the whole thing. No matter how many people are in the house that year…

Everyone Gets Three Gifts.

According to Matthew 2:11, the three wise men presented Jesus with three gifts:…

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