Follow the Star

Written for Christian Flash Weekly #37

“Cease your useless babbling!!” Radagast finally yelled, swirling around to glare at me.

“But I’m sure…”

“Do not utter one syllable.” Radagast hissed. “Not one syllable, Beltashaz.”

“Sorry,” I muttered, glaring darkly back at him.

Mihazor didn’t say anything.

“Now,” Radagast continued, much calmer since I had stopped talking. “The unnamed star is thirty degrees south of Polaris, so, I’ll just add it here and send it to the University to confirm it. I shall say in the body of this electronic message that the star consists of…”

“I think we should follow it.” I swirled around in my chair as Radagast sent the email to the University.

“You are deranged.” Radagast walked back over to the massive telescope. “How do you follow a ball of gas?”

“I don’t know. I…I just think that we should.” I replied as I stared at the brightest star that I had ever seen.

Radagast looked up from the chart he was sketching. “It’s a phenomenon, I know. It is illogical to think that it suggests anything important has happened here on earth.Yes, yes, I know that you tend to believe in those prophecies, but this is not a sign of anything other than a possible supernova.”

I sighed.

Mihazor didn’t say anything.

That was Radagast for you. Radagast one of the smartest people on earth. He was always finding another digit to pi or discovering some new phenomenon somewhere on earth or the skies above. Sometimes, I want to sneak into his bedroom and see if he had pointy ears or something that he hiding under that long hair of his.

Mihazor was a genius too. If Radagast couldn’t do it, Mihazor could. It usually had to do with electronics or cars. But, Mihazor didn’t talk. Nope, he let his programming do the talking for him.

I was Beltashaz. The normal one. The one without much brains. The reason I was with these two was because without me, no one else could understand these two. Radagast went to a Taco Bell once and tried to order something to eat. It didn’t go over so well until I ordered it for them. Since then, I’m the one that connects them to the normal world outside of their house.

“I can drive, you know. How long would it take to just see if we can’t…”

Radagast glared. “Beltashaz. Why must you insist on such vapid ideas?”

“It’s not stupid!” I grumbled.

“And why must you always simplify everything I say? It’s much more comprehensible and intelligent when I say it my way.” Radagast scowled.


“Do not make ostensible reasons!!”

“I still think we should…”

I stopped, watching Mihazor. Radagast did as well.

Mihazor walked out from his bedroom, carrying a suitcase. Then he walked out the door to our car. My phone beeped. I glance down to read it.

Follow the star!!

It was from Mihazor.

I looked over to Radagast. He stared at me as he glanced up from his own phone.

“Well, everyone appears to be in disagreement with logic.” Radagast scowled. “So, let’s follow the giant ball of gas in the sky.”

I was the second one in the car.

It took Radagast forever to pack. Being the scientific person he was, he packed his computers, notebooks, pads of…stuff, and pads of scribbles along with a shirt or two.

Finally, however, Radagast was in the car and I was driving us…

“Go south!”

Beep, beep. “North”

“Which one??” I shouted to the backseat.


Beep, beep. “North!”

“Fine.” I muttered. “East.”


Beep, beep. “What r u doin”

“I’m going east.” I answered Mihazor. That’s the way all his texts were answered since he’s always just across the room on the computer.


Beep, beep. “East?!?”

I ignored them and continued east.

The scenery changed; city, countryside, city again.

Finally I rolled the car to a stop in front of a simple hotel in Bethlehem. We all sat there in complete silence. Radagast (surprise) was the first one to speak.

“Well, Beltashaz. Of all the unintelligent, ignorant, simpleminded, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, imbecilic…stupid…” He finally exploded. “The prophecies say it will be a king!! Not a servant! We…we should be miles from here!! Anywhere but here!”

I simply got out of the car and went up to the desk with Mihazor following me. “Excuse me, is there a baby here?”

“A baby?” The receptionist muttered. “Oh yes, we do. Come on, this way.”

By now, Radagast had caught up with us and had finally quit muttering under his breath.

He led the way to the the very, very last room. “Here you are.”

I knocked. The door opened and I stood face to face with a man. “Come in.” He sounded puzzled.

Boxes filled the room. It looked like they had all been shoved out of the way to make way for an airbed and a little crib. “The hotel is full.” The man explained. “This was the last place they had.”

Mihazor slipped up beside me as we caught sight of the baby. He bowed.

“My King.”

Mihazor said something.


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