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Coming of Age


Written for Flash! Friday Vol.2 - 51

I have come of age.

Those of you who have been here know what I’m talking about.

The waves, the boats, the ports.

Troubles, paths, destinations.

Advice, feelings, desires.

Demands, pressure, frustration.

My dreams, realistic dreams, dreams others have for me.

Dads, Moms, Best Friends.

Me, dream jobs, reality.

Building dreams, smashing dreams, but never out of dreams.

Enemies, acquaintances, best friends.

Tears, smiles, laughter.

Trials, pain, pure joy.

Horses, writing, good times.

All swirls into one ocean.

I stand here, chest high in this salty water, a high school freshmen looking out over my Atlantic Ocean.

This is my life.

I can do with it what I want.

I can top the tallest mountain or I can fall off the steepest cliff.

It’s my choice.

There is one question that I am asking.

How can I change the world?


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