Miracle Baby

Written for Christian Flash Weekly #35

I could hear the quiet whispering. “She’s not going to make it.” Dad said.

I pressed my face to the glass at looked at the incubator with my little sister in. Premature baby, the had doctor said when he came out to see us. Three pounds…I tuned out then. Aunt Mary had a premature baby.

He didn’t make it.

The door opened and Pastor Fredrick stepped through. “Hi guys.”

I managed a grin at him. “Hi Pastor.”

Dad walked over and shook his hand. Then they went to a corner to talk.

I wanted a sibling for so long. When Mom had told me she was finally pregnant, I could hardly believe it. First I wanted a brother. I could play all kinds of things with him. Then I wanted a sister. That way I could protect her like Superman and everything. But then I wanted a brother again. Sisters would be dull and play with those silly baby dolls. But then, I suddenly wanted a sister again. A brother would want to play with my toys and make a big fuss.

“Colin.” Pastor called me over. “Can you come and pray with us? We’re going to pray for your sister.”

A sister will do quite fine. If she lives.

“Dear Lord,” Pastor started praying. “Please touch Baby Jessica. Help her to grow strong…”

The door opened and two members of our church walked in, interrupting Pastor. They saw us all on our knees and walked over, kneeling and bowing their heads as well.

“Help Baby Jessica to grow strong to be a witness for You. Help…”

The door opened again and another member walked in.

Pastor smiled and started to pray again. “Help Emily to rest and get stronger as well. Mothers need their rest…”

The door swung open again and several more people dropped to their knees as well.

“Mothers need their rest too, Lord. Protect her and heal her…”

The door opened and a nurse walked in. “My…my shift is over. May I pray with you all?”

Pastor finally got done with his prayer after only several other interruptions and Dad started.

“Dear Lord…”

The door opened and two more people pushed their way in.

“Please help our little Jessica…”

This time, when the door opened, it didn’t close again. There was too many people.

“To be a witness to You and Your power today!” Dad didn’t even stop anymore.

People started filling up in the hallways.

“Stand by her and touch her with Your healing hand, God! Show us a miracle.”

A news crew stood by the door, trying to see over people’s heads to find out what was going on in here.

A nurse excused her way through the crowd. “Her heartbeat is stronger. She is breathing deeper. She’s going to make it!!”

A roar went up.

Dad smiled at me and mouthed the words, ‘there’s our miracle.’


1 thought on “Miracle Baby”

  1. Comments on my story:

    Third goes to Daleenc. Close running for second and third this week, missed it by a whisker. Keep writing!

    Congratulations to Deborah Crocker ( for Grand Champion!!


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