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Puppies Chase Kittens


Written for Flash! Friday Vol. 2 - 50

Smiling, you stood there, harmless as a puppy.

Naive, I stood close, like a kitten.

You whispered into my hair.

I snuggled closer.

“What’s your story?” He asked.

“Runaway,” I grinned. “Dumb parents…”

He smiled, showing that he understood.

“What’s your story?” I asked.

“Some stories are too dreadful to tell.”

Music played softly.

The lights were dim.

We sat there together, long into the night.

“So no one knows where you’re at?” He asked.

“No one but you!” I had drank too much.

His romantic smile turned to a wolfish one.


In my quest to be loved, I forgot the truth.

Puppies chase kittens.

Parents are trees.

And kittens need their trees.

This kitten ran as fast as she could, but she couldn’t reach her tree.

I have a feeling that whenever someone asks about my story, I will have to answer, ‘some stories are too dreadful to tell’, if I ever escape his trunk alive.

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