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Written for Christian Flash Weekly #32

I kept my face down as I walked past the soldier on the way home. It was Wednesday and there was a church meeting hidden in an old music shop. This Sunday, Jayden says that we’re moving to the basement of Green House Museum. The place was looted years ago. I wonder if it’ll stay up long enough for us to have our meeting.

Jayden talked about thankfulness tonight. “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.” He said as people watched out the windows for soldiers. “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”


I glanced over my shoulder as the soldier said something into his walkie talkie.

“There is always something to be thankful for.” Jayden had declared from the box he was standing on as he held the only Bible in the whole church. In two weeks, it would finally be my turn to take it home so I could read it for the first time. “Corrie ten Boom and her sister gave thanks for fleas back when the Natzi put them in a concentration camp! The fleas kept the guards out of the barracks, giving them the ability to tell everyone about Christ.”

“So,” Jason asked, unfolding himself from the floor. “What are you thankful for, Mr. Hungry-Pastor-Of-An-Illegal-Church-Surrounded-By-Soldiers-Who-Want-To-Kill-You?”

Jayden smiled at Jason’s long name for him. “I’m thankful that God has shown me mercy and sent His Son to save me. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to teach you for as long as I have been. I’m thankful that all of you in here are also Christians. I’m thankful for my beautiful wife. I’m thankful for the little food that I do have. I’m thankful that I have a roof that only leaks in one spot. I’m thankful that the heat still works in my house. I’m thankful that God has counted me worthy for this place on earth.”

Jason sat back down…thinking hard.

‘What are you thankful for?’ I heard a little whisper in my head.

“Woman,” a voice behind me barked. I spun around to see the soldier with his gun drawn. “Are you a Christian?”

‘I’m thankful, God, that I have been counted worthy of suffering for Your name.’

“Yes I am.”


1 thought on “Thanks?”

  1. Comments on my story:

    Thanks by Dalene C.

    Someone says in the comments that they love dog stories, well don’t we all? And horse stories and cat stories and nature stories and more. But I admit I especially love persecution stories. This one delivers with the very Scriptural idea, that those who suffer for the name of Jesus Christ, are highly blessed.

    A small suggestion though. Avoid using two very similar names, it makes the reader have to work too hard to keep them straight.

    For this week’s winner;

    All of the pieces have winning attributes;

    But the one that I felt was most worthy of being named Grand Champion:

    Thanks by Dalene C.


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