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Boy Meets Girl


Written for Christian Flash Weekly #31

Her neck was long, the longest neck I’ve ever seen on a girl from Kentucky, yet it was beautiful…beautiful…beautiful…there’s no words to describe it!! How can I explain? Her round, twinkling, blue eyes seemed to take their allotment of space and a little more still. They locked onto mine and held me frozen. She looked so calm, so, so calmly amazing. Gorgeous…gorgeous…gorgeous. Her nose…oh her nose. It was pointed right at me…meaning she was looking at me…meaning…meaning…meaning…I couldn’t think in her presence. Somehow, I knew I would do anything for her. She had taken me captive in such a way that it was my honor to be a slave to her. She was mine…all mine. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. I was frozen in time, stuck in amazement, captivated with her beauty. Finally, I managed to stutter one sentence out.

“You are the most beautiful horse I have ever seen!!”


1 thought on “Boy Meets Girl”

  1. Comments on my story:

    Boy Meets Girl, Dalene C. – An excellent example of how you can mislead the reader in order to make a piece more fun. I made an attempt at that this week in the Finish That Thought, a similar competition you might want to try from time to time. The repetition of words to imply how the girls gaze befuddled the brain was a reasonable device as well.

    Congrats to Rebekah ( with Grand Champion!!


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