Compassion, Devotional, Horses

From The Inside Out

We have recently start the yearly process of oiling our saddles. If we don’t, they become hard, brittle, and break sooner. They stop being waterproof. They don’t look as good.

They fall to pieces.

Half of the oiling, however, is under the saddle flaps and fenders, where all the pieces and parts are that hold the saddle together. There saddles have stitchings and rivets vital to your saddle’s survival. Without them, your saddle would fall apart as soon as it was picked up. (Saddles like that don’t work very good!!)

It wouldn’t work if I only oiled the outside to make it look good. The vital rivets and stitching would fall to pieces while the outside looked amazing. It wouldn’t do any good to do only the inside either. Sure, the inside would hold together, but I need the outside as well to sit on and plus, it would look pretty awful after a while too.

Have you ever thought about our own lives? How many times do we try to ‘oil’ the outside without reaching into the spots that hold us together? Yes, I totally agree, it’s tedious. It’s hard. It takes a lot of twisting the brushes and patience to try and get that one spot that you can’t quite reach but really needs to get done.

For instance, you can’t have the inward ‘love your God with all your heart, soul, and strength’ if you don’t have the outward ‘love your neighbor as your self’. Neither can you have a ‘heart’ for the needy and yet not help them in any physical way.

What are you oiling? The inside? Or the outside?

Help a child here.

Give lifesaving water here.

Give a Bible to someone who needs one here.



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