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Written For Christian Flash Weekly #30

Back then, it wasn’t hard to stare at the dog.

At night, he had wandered to my house and laid down on the front porch. When I woke up and brought him inside, he limped. Then I noticed what had happened to him.

Hit and run.

He had no collar, so he was probably a stray. He definitely had a ‘mutt’ look about him.

I was about to take him to the vet that day to have him put down. But then I stopped. I glanced at the picture on my mantle and the parking ticket in my hand.

So, I took him to the vet. “Fix him up.” I ordered. I left him there and went to see my daughter in the hospital. Both her legs were broken in the car accident that also killed my wife…her mother.

Now, I look out the window and see the both of them romping around in the yard. Nothing made her want to get better more than the thought of that dog named Skippy.

“Good boy, Skippy, fetch!!”


5 thoughts on “Useless”

  1. Comments on my story: (comments by Charles W. Short http://storeroomoftheheart.wordpress.com)

    “Useless by DaleneC – This story of a broken family and broken dog meeting up in God’s providential timing must pull at your heart strings. If not, you are the one that needs a cardiologist. The final delivery of healing is worth the trip.

    Since I am judging this week, and since I allow judges a bit of leeway, I am going to name a Grand-Champion and a Runner-up. That said these two stories stood out for me in the area of enjoying them as a reader, and I thought they were in the race, neck and neck. Everyone’s story was as well done as the others technically and relating to the prompt, in my opinion at least, so it is based on the joy of reading them that I make these awards.

    Grand Champion – Josh Bertetta for Malady! A far from pretty picture, but a well written glimpse into the struggle with addictive behaviors.

    Runner Up – DaleneC for Useless! A story about a dog, a little girl, loss and healing. And healing.”

    Congrats John Bertetta (http://joshbertetta.wordpress.com) with Grand Champion!!!


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