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This Is A Miracle

Written for Christian Flash Weekly #28

This is a miracle, I thought.

I held the tiny baby, the failed abortion, the beautiful baby girl.

“She’s beautiful.” I told the mother, holding the baby out to her.

A single tear slipped down her cheek. “I can’t…I can’t take her. I’ve…I’ve got to…”

“Shhhh.” I whispered to her and gently held the baby out to her. “She’s beautiful, a creation of God, a testimony of His greatness, loved by Him.”

The mother smiled and slowly accepted her baby.

Tick tock.

This is a miracle, I thought.

I stood at the window, watching the clouds race each other in the sky. Lightning lashed out toward the ground and thunder rattled the windows. Rain fell to the ground, soaking in and making mud that I knew I would be washing out of my son’s clothes tomorrow.

“Amy says that the angels are bowling right now. Is that true, Mom?” My daughter looked up at me.

I pulled her into my lap. “Right now, God is making sure that the plants are getting all the water they need and at the same time giving us a firework show!!”

Tick tock.

This is a miracle, I thought.

I sat with my granddaughter, showing her how to sit perfectly still so the butterflies would rest on her finger. One fluttered to her finger.

“Their wings look like paper, Grandma.” She stared curiously from the butterfly to me. “How do they fly?”

I looked down at four year old Ishabell. “God made sure that they would be able to. They could never go from Mexico to Canada if they couldn’t fly.”

Tick Tock.

This is a miracle, I thought.


3 thoughts on “This Is A Miracle”

  1. This is the comment I got from the judge on my story:

    This Is a Miracle – Daleen C.

    Thanks to the artful way in which this story was told, you can literally hear the passing of time as you read… and are reminded that every moment…every second… God is working miracles. I love the beauty and power of this message, and the way it draws the readers’ attention to the glory of God. Thank you for this, Daleen!

    Best Use of Creative Writing Technique – Daleen C.

    Congratulations to Rebekah Postupak , the Grand Champion this week!!


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