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Times of Life

Have you ever been in a certain period of life when you are looking forward to the next, figuring that it’ll be better? Easier? That you can be happy then? And then what happens when you get to that period? When school lets out? When you get your new job? When you move away from home?

Half the time, it isn’t really that different! When school lets out, you replace it with 4H, sports, summer activities that keep you just as busy as school. When you get your new job, it might be different, but there’s still deadlines, bosses, and annoying people that you have to get along with. When you move away from home, yeah, you are totally free. But, now you have to pay for the bills. And remember all the chores that you split with your siblings? Now you’re doing all of them.

I have been doing that lately. When I get to high school, everything’s gonna be different. I’m gonna learn a new language, take a cool course about cars, learn about our constitution. I’m gonna be old enough to start being more independent and everything. It’s gonna be sweet!!

Now I’m in my freshman year of high school. What has changed? I now have more school that has deadlines on them. I have less time to ride my horses. I’m still fourteen!! Why would I suddenly leap from the dependance I have on my parents now to independence in one day? Don’t get me wrong, I do like learning these different things…but then again, it’s not how I expected it.

Sometimes all we need to do is learn about contentment.


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