The Bible

Written for Christian Flash Weekly Event #25

His daughter yelped beside him.

He laughed drunkenly.

“Don’t worry, Jamie,” he said, grinning widely as he swerved over the yellow line again. “I’ve always made it home safe from the bar.”

Jamie didn’t answer. He turned to look at her. “What’s the…”

Outside a horn blared. Jamie screamed as they crunched into the oncoming truck.

He blinked his eyes to see the white ceiling of a hospital.

“Can you tell me your name?”

He looked over to see a nurse standing beside him.

“Thomas Henchburg,” he mumbled through a dry throat.

He shoved himself up to a sitting position, suddenly remembering. “Jamie!! My…my daughter, do you know…do you know where she is? Is she ok?”

“I’ll go tell the doctor that you’re awake,” was her reply.

He thought about Jamie. They had just had a fight on the way home. She told him not to pick her up if he was drinking.

He couldn’t deal with the fight. His only daughter, fighting with him like she hated him!! He pulled into the bar with her to grab a drink. It ended up being four drinks before she could drag him out. She looked at him and said ‘let me drive, Dad.’ But he pulled her out of the driver’s seat and drove himself.

Fifteen! Jamie was only fifteen! That’s too young for anything to happen, right?

The doctor stepped in, interrupting his thoughts. “Hello, Mr. Henchburg. I’m Dr. Torres. How do you feel?”

“Where’s my daughter?”

“Tell me how you feel first.”

“I feel like I crashed into a truck.”

“You did crash into a truck, Mr. Henchburg. You were drunk. You broke two ribs. You were knocked unconscious. The truck driver was the lucky one. He only broke his arm and can’t work…”

“Just tell me where my daughter is.”

“She’s dead.” Dr. Torres bluntly replied.


“I’m sorry.” Dr. Torres sighed. “I’ll come back later to talk to you more.”

He stared at the ceiling. The door opened again. He looked over to see a man with a Bible in his right hand.

“I thought you might like to talk.”

“Go away.”

“I just want to listen.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Will you read this then?” The man handed him a Bible. Thomas slowly accepted it.

“I’ll be praying for you.”

He left Thomas alone with the book.

He opened it up and started reading.

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