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A Child’s Prayer


My youngest sister is five although she can’t wait to be six and start school. 🙂 She absolutely hates spiders but thinks that snakes are something cool…as long as you are watching them from a distance. She likes Smoky, loves horsey things and I’m going to teach her to ride as soon as she turns six. She loves singing and she loves spring, when all the baby animals are being born in the barn where she can see them. She loves to somehow make you think she’s just an cute, innocent, little girl until she’s standing right beside you and dumping water on you!! (Which, in our house, starts a major water fight!!)

She loves to give. If someone doesn’t have a piece of candy, she’s always digging out her candy bag and giving that person some. If someone doesn’t have a toy to play with, she’ll gladly share with that person. Half of the time when she prays, she sings her prayer to God.

Though tonight, when I was tucking her in bed, I told her about a little girl who didn’t have a mommy or a daddy or a house or even a bed or blanket. Her bedtime smile faded and she looked like she had just lost her favorite toy. I asked her if she wanted to pray for that little girl and she nodded. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the little girl that she would find a blanket and a home.”

After I got done praying (also praying for the girl), she asked me if I knew the little girl’s name. I told her no, I didn’t. She thought for a second and decided that we should call her Emily, lovingly named after one of her friends. I smiled and agreed.  Before I left, we both promised to keep praying for Emily.

I wondering if tonight or whenever you pray, you would ask God to find a little girl whom my sister named Emily and bless her with a warm place to sleep and a family who would watch over her and teach her about Jesus.

Thank you.


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