Leslie Ludy

Set Apart Leadership

This one, I thought, was extremely important. It was about the battle that goes on for the young women today in America.

Even though I’m homeschooled, I do feel some of this pressure that Leslie was talking about. I’m not (quite yet, though I’m surprised since I’m 14) pressured to have a boyfriend. But I am pressured to rebel. You talk to people and they mean well, but they tell you, “You can talk to me anytime you want. I know that sometimes it’s hard to talk to your parents so, just talk to me.” And they aren’t going to give me godly advice. I talk to my parents about everything. And just because I’m now a ‘teenager’, nothing has changed. My parents still love me, I still love them.

Since I’m not totally rebellious, always on my phone (I don’t even have one!) when I’m suppose to be working, and talk to my parents without whining and begging for them to get something, people think I’m from Mars or something. (It’s really annoying!)

Leslie started off by explaining to us a problem in the Christian church. Girls are being targeted. They are getting targeted by Satan, by boys, by Planned Parenthood and by many others. And they often ruin the girls’ lives.

She also gave a list of things that are common in the normal Christian girl’s life.

  • They don’t really have much godly influence or support from home. Their parents are too busy working to keep the fancy house, the expensive car and save up for all the big presents that they have to get for Christmas, or they are too busy doing something else, or they aren’t talking to their teenagers because, well, parents and teenagers just don’t talk to each other, it just doesn’t work that way.
  • They are influenced more by the pop culture than the Bible. It just makes sense. If you’re parents aren’t around to teach you about standing up for what you believe in, then you aren’t going to want to go against the flow.
  • Only the undiluted Truth from the Bible can really get into their head. Which makes sense as well. I had that happen to me. There was this one pastor at a VBS that I went to (Mudfest!) and on Tuesday, he told us about the Crucifixion. I thought, ‘oh sure, I know that story.’ But he started talking and all the kids in the tent froze. The only part I remember was him saying, “There was no little nail that you use to build your bird house pounded into his hand with a little bit of blood. For one, nails like that won’t hold 140, 150 pounds. They had to be big nails.” he brought in a nail to show us. And, he showed us a railroad tie. “They were about as big as this.” Everyone gasped. “For another thing, it wasn’t in His hand. It was in His wrist. If you put it in His hand, it would just tear through the flesh and everyone would fall off the cross. They had to put it in His wrist, you know, where your funny bone is? When anyone does anything there, you can feel it through your whole body.” After it, no one could talk. No one could move. Someone asked if we wanted to run the course again and we only croaked. That was the real truth and it’s stuck with me far better than the hip-hop ‘Jesus is my superhero’ messages. Us teenagers, we want something real!

People think that they need to make things like the pop culture to interest us young women. We don’t want something that is the same as we can get out there, why would we come to church if it’s the same? We want…are starving for something different, something real.

“Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self- controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”

Titus 2:3-5

Someone did a survey and the number one desire of young women was to be married to one man for life. None of them believed that it was possible.

Do you have a passionate love for Christ? If so, then you can do something! You can disciple a young girl who needs someone to teach her God’s ways! You can show a girl the right way! You can help someone and change their life! You can teach someone how to pray, you can show them them a good way for reading the Bible, you can teach them to look for people to help, you can give them good books to read, good, edifying, Christian biographies. Don’t be afraid to tell us things from the Bible. And please!!! Please don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions. Tell us how the Lord has done mighty things for you!


Think about it.

– CC



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