Hi everyone!! I guess that I should introduce myself, right?

Well, I’m a Christ-loving teenager who also loves dirt, cows and strawberry roan horses. I live on a small hobby farm run by my Grandpa and have a huge dream of one day working full-time on a big cattle ranch out in Montana, Kansas, or frankly, anywhere!

My favorite chapter is Isaiah 43 in which God is telling Israel how much he loves them and what he will do to save them. I would highly suggest reading it! (For a sneak peak, here’s Isaiah 43:4, “Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you. I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.”)

I live in a family with three other sisters (who I love like crazy) and my parents who have been married for 15 years. I can always remember that because they were married one year before I was born!

Right now, I don’t have any strawberry roan horses. *sigh* I will someday though. Maybe God has strawberry roans in Heaven… =)

Right now, however, I do ride a black Quarter Horse/Haflinger cross named Smoky Joe. (Everyone just calls him Smoky though) I’ve taken him to three brandings, and about ten roundups. Unless you count when we work our family’s cows. Then the number skyrockets. I have ridden in a show and Smoky loved the contesting, (we did Pole Bending) but he wasn’t so thrilled with the Pleasure and Horsemanship classes.

My favorite quote, ok, one of my favorite quotes is:


Aren’t they cute?

I am homeschooled, and I love being homeschooled!! I get some looks sometimes (‘your kids need to learn to get along with society!’ people tell my mom), but it’s great to have school done by lunch time and chores done by one o’clock and be outside riding/writing/reading/whatever when all the public schooled kids get home and have to do homework!

I’m learning the guitar (my fingers are starting to get proof!) from my grandpa who is an awesome guitar player. I’m almost to chords and I know a lot of the notes. Right now, I’m just working on getting my fingers where they’re suppose to go!

Oh well, I gotta wrap this up so I can go to my Grandma’s house to sew.

– CC (Christian Cowgirl) =)


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